Influence of the size of the riser

In order to prove the reliability of ADSTEFAN, defects occurred in the prototype are investigated by Solidification analysis with corporate with the collaboration of Hitachi Research Laboratory and Universities.
This simulation it to verify how the riser size influences on the shrinkage cavity and to find the optimum size of riser. (1,200,000 elements: 02hr)

 Prototype Analysis results: Shrinkage predictio
Riser 120mm
Riser 160mm


Evaluation of simulation results: Shrinkage prediction

  1. In case of 120mm of riser, shrinkage cavity is found in both riser and product part. In case of 160mm, shrinkage cavity is found only on the riser which is confirmed by simulation results. (AVI file)
  2. In other words, 160mm width of riser is required to produce no defect product. Also, simulation result is matched with the actual defect.

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