Casting Simulation System


Many products are made by casting (e.g. Diecasting), and its quality and precisions are asked higher and higher. In general, castings are produced relying on casting engineers' skill, experience and intuition. 
Therefore, casting engineers spend a lot of time and cost in not only designing but also modifying.

Casting Simulation System, ADSTEFAN is a CAE tool for design support, which can analyze the status of molten metal entering dies as well as its solidification processes, making such data readily visible so that defect in castings can be avoided at the early stages of design. This can then contribute to reduced trial castings, shorter production periods and lower costs. 


ADSTEFAN consists of Pre processor, Solver and Post processor.

1. Pre processor

Loading of CAD data, creation of 3-D shape data, and input of analysis conditions can all be performed easily. Automatic element discretization functions also allow elements to be generated easily and at high speed and stability, without depending on an operator's technical skill.

2. Analysis Solver

ADSTEFAN consists of various analysis solvers : Fluid Flow Analysis, Solidification Analysis, Die Temperature Analysis and Thermal Analysis.

The following casting methods are applicable to simulation: High/Low Pressure Die casting, Thixomolding, Gravity Casting, Sand Casting, Centrifugal Casting, Continuous Casting, ESR (Electro-Slag Refining Process), Evaporative Pattern Casting Process (Pseudo method), Precise Casting (Lost Wax), Heat treatment.

3. Post processor

 ● Fluid flow analysis result display

Temperature, filling ratio, velocity, flow rate, pressure, vorticity, volume of entrapment air, ratio of remaining air flow line defects, color-coded display by gates, entrapment markers, gas markers, gas volume, maximum air pressure, etc

 ● Solidification analysis result display

Distribution of solidus ratio, casting and die temperatures, corrected temperature gradients, cooling rate, temperature gradients, degree of soundness, graphite grain numbers, solidification starting time, solidification ending time, pressure, cooling rate between 2 temperatures, etc.

 ● Maker display, vector display, contour line display, graph display, molten metal volume display, generation of various types of animation files, output of reports, printing

Example: Display of multi cross-section surfaces of die temperature