About Company

CAE Technology is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) company. We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to help our customers develop superior products, accelerate their time to market and lower their development costs.

  • Established: October 4, 2017
  • President: Mr. Dao Duy Tho
  • Staff: 10
  • Capital: 50,000 USD 
  • Office: HaNoi

We have

We can using Femap, HyperMesh and ANSA software for Finite Element Modeling. By using advance features of both software, we can model all of model in various industry such as aerospace and automotive.


Our software development team has developed software tools for CAE analysis. My tools are developed by .Net technology.


NX Nastran to solve for stress, displacement, modal, buckling and heat transfer analyses.

ADSTEFAN to simulate for various casting process such as Die Casting, Gravity Casting, Sand Casting and Investment Casting. 

Our Team


We have a strong team of experts from various fields and know Japanese and English are ready to do your project with shortest time and high quality output.

Our Experience


With many years experience in applying simulation to engineering problems, we can provide modelling and analysis services for your project.

Our Vision・Mission


To be the leading company in providing services of CAE in Viet Nam. Always committed to delight our customers with High quality and Cost-effective Engineering services.

Core Value

At CAE Technology, we believe that following values are core to our existence and these are deeply imbibed on every team members mind:

  • Innovation: I will constantly endeavor to improve technology and quality.
  • Integrity: I will always strive to achieve what I commit to.
  • Customer focus: I will always strive to make my customer successful.
  • Team Work: OUR success is more important than MY success.
  • Ethics: I will adhere to the highest level of ethical and social behavior.